24-hour speed check catches 30,000 motorists breaking limit


The annual ‘flitsmarathon’ took place on roads across the country, with police hoping to change driver mentality and make people more aware of the dangers of speeding

Licences removed

A marathon speed check by police last week saw more than 30,000 drivers caught driving too fast. The total figure of 30,604 drivers represents 2.55% of the approximately 1.2 million cars checked during the nationwide initiative. Police confiscated 181 driving licences.

This is the 12th time the 24-hour speed check has been carried out, involving 133 police zones and the federal traffic police. Drivers were notified of the action in advance and police hope to bring about a change in mentality.

The percentage of drivers caught is slightly lower than the 2.71% caught last year, though only 65 driving licences were confiscated last year.

One driver in the Kampenhout-Steenokkerzeel-Zemst police district was caught driving at 153kph in a 70kph zone, while a motorcyclist in Tielt-Winge was found to be speeding at 194kph.

Too many drivers still ignore speed limits, however, the police say. “Every driver who commits a speeding violation should be aware that they are endangering their own safety and that of other road users,” a spokesperson said.

Photo: Belga/Bruno Fahy