Flanders Today
Flanders Today, an English-language online newspaper, is an initiative
of the Flemish Region and is financially supported by the Flemish authorities.
The logo and the name Flanders Today belong to the Flemish Region (Benelux
Beeldmerk nr 815.088). The editorial team of Flanders Today has full editorial
autonomy regarding the content of the newspaper and is responsible for all content,
as stipulated in the agreement between Mediahuis NV and the Flemish authorities.

"News from FlandersNews" and "News from our partners" comes directly from partner
news sites. Flanders Today is not responsible for this content.

Editor-in-chief: Lisa Bradshaw
Deputy Editor: Sally Tipper
Contributors: Bartosz Brzezinski, Sarah Crew, Emma Portier Davis,
Paula Dear, Andy Furniere, Diana Goodwin, Clodagh Kinsella, Ian
Mundell, Linda Thompson, Christophe Verbiest

General Manager: Hans De Loore
Project Management: Thomas Buytaert
: Ackroyd Publications/Mediahuis NV
Address: Gossetlaan 30, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Email: flanderstoday@ackroyd.be
Tel: 02 467 23 06


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Tel: 02.467.97.34
Email: advertising@ackroyd.be

Verantwoordelijke uitgever

Hans De Loore