Antwerp is in top 35 of best cities to raise a family


According to global relocation expert Movinga, Antwerp is the 33rd best city in the world to raise children, with good housing, education and health care options

Family matters

Antwerp is the 33rd best city in the world in which to raise children, according to a new study released by relocation experts Movinga. Antwerp scored high on affordable housing, quality of education and equality legislation for same-sex couples.

Brussels also made the list, coming in at 119. It scored well for equality legislation, educational opportunities and public safety.

Movinga first chose 150 countries for their reputation for quality of life for families and their ability to provide reliable data. Researchers compiled data for a wide variety of factors, including health care, unemployment and the crime rate.

“As experts in helping families relocate, we know that parents and their children have different needs and expectations than individuals when moving to a new city,” said Movinga in a statement. “After analysing the best cities for various opportunities such as finding love, education, employment, or starting a new business, we decided to turn our attention towards the fundamental features of a city that concern parents or parents-to-be when looking to make a move.”

Family inclusivity

Aside from data obtained from local authorities, Movinga researchers questioned parents living in every city. “We thought it was important to include the opinions of the families who experience these cities themselves,” said Movinga. “So we commissioned surveys of parents in each location to gain a measurement of public sentiment towards them.”

Antwerp and Brussels both got perfect scores for “family inclusivity”, meaning legislation allowing same-sex couples to adopt and marry. Antwerp came in on the lower end of the scale, however, for mobility (that traffic!) and air quality (that traffic!) Its total score was 83.4 out of 100. Brussels’ total score was 68.

Number one on the Best Cities for Families list is Helsinki, which got a perfect score of 100, followed by Quebec and Oslo. Munich and Copenhagen round out the top five.

Bottom of the list is Istanbul, rating particularly low on cost of living by income and family inclusivity. Also at the bottom of the list are Kuwait City and Izmir in Turkey.

Photo ©Milo Profi/Visit Flanders