Antwerp’s Waterbus collides with dock, injuring 14 people


The public transport that shuttles commuters up and down the Scheldt river collided with a dock early this morning

Bad weather

Antwerp’s Waterbus, which serves commuters from south of Antwerp to the northern Kallo lock, hit a floating dock early this morning, injuring several people. The accident occurred in the area at the Waterbus dock at Sint-Anna in Linkeroever.

The Waterbus runs up and down 40 kilometres of the Scheldt river. It crosses the river more than once, connecting Antwerp’s left and right banks and includes a stop on the central Steenplein.

The collision is being attributed to the stormy weather that hit the area in the early hours. While no one landed in the water, 14 people had to be taken to hospital.

Two of the 14 are seriously injured, but not the injuries are not life-threatening, according to the federal police. The boat was able to be motored away from the pier under its own power.

Anyone needing to use the waterbus today is asked to check the website or app for any changes or delays.

Photo courtesy VRT