Antwerp hosts Genée Ballet Competition


The prestigious Genée International Ballet Competition will be held next month in Antwerp, welcoming dancers from across the world

First time in Belgium

For the first time in its distinguished 83-year history, the Genée International Ballet Competition will be held in Belgium. The Royal Ballet Flanders will host the competition in Antwerp from 18 to 27 September.

The Genée is organised annually by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), one of the worlds’ largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world, with 14,000 members across 79 countries. The competition is open to dancers studying the RAD syllabus.

Candidates work with international choreographers and teachers for five days before performing in the semi-finals and then the finals to win one of the three medals. There are also medals for Audience Choice and Choreography. The head choreographer at this year’s event is Antwerp soloist Ricardo Amarante, who is tasked with creating solos for both male and female dancers.

The semi-finals and finals are open to the public; tickets are available from the Royal Ballet Flanders.

Royal Ballet of Flanders

The Royal Ballet of Flanders is the only classical ballet company in Belgium. Based in Antwerp, it has long been considered one of the top dance companies in Europe.
Merge - The ballet company is set to merge with the Flemish Opera by 2014.
Budget cuts - The Australian-born artistic director Kathryn Bennetts is credited with reinvigorating the company after it languished in the early 2000s but left in 2012 due to budget constraints.
Award - The ballet company won the Critics’ Circle Award for Outstanding Company at the 2013 National Dance Awards in London.

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