Bollywood film shot in Bruges breaks records


The Bollywood movie PK, with breath-taking shots of Bruges, has broken box-office records in India, raking in more than $45 million in just a few weeks

India’s most popular film

The most popular Bollywood film of all time in India is PK, which was partially shot in Bruges. Released on 19 December, it has already broken box office records in India, taking in more than $45 million.

The film, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is a classic kind of Bollywood story: A young journalist in Delhi, who had her heart broken after a whirlwind romance in Bruges, comes across an alien who desperately needs to find his lost pendant – his only way home. Critics are heralding it, however, for its ability to criticise organised religion with its fish-out-of-water approach.

“The director gave me three requirements for the European location: cobbled streets, a concert hall and canals,” associate director Karan Narveker told VRT. A friend of his who had travelled extensively in Europe told him to head to Bruges. “Belgium gave us something that was very innocent and very charming,” said Narveker. “The kind of location we had never seen before.”

The movie features shots of Minnewater Park, the markt and several canals. The city of Bruges is launching a new tourism campaign in India based on the film.