Broken Circle crew heads to LA


The director, producer and lead actors of the Flemish film The Broken Circle Breakdown are headed to Los Angeles next week to woo Oscar voters

Cast and crew to promote film to Oscar voters

Felix Van Groeningen, the director of the Oscar-nominated The Broken Circle Breakdown, and Dirk Impens, the film’s producer, are heading to Los Angeles next week to promote the film among members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who vote for the nominations. The pair will remain in the US until the Oscar ceremony on 2 March.

Veerle Baetens and Johan Heldenbergh, who play the film’s leads, will also be in LA next week. All four will attend Q&A sessions after screenings and the Santa Barbara Film Festival, where Baetens and Heldenbergh will play a mini-concert of the bluegrass music that helped make the film so popular to American critics.

Baetens and Heldenbergh will return to Flanders after a few days but will head back to the city for the Oscar ceremony.

photo, from left: Broken Circle Breakdown producer Dirk Impens, actor Veerle Baetens and director Felix Van Groeningen

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Thanks to a federal tax shelter system, support from the Flemish Audiovisueel Fund and the rise of a new generation of talented filmmakers, Flemish cinema has been riding the crest of a wave since the mid-2000s with distinctly locally flavoured features that have appealed to both crowds and critics.
Loft - With more than one million viewers, Erik Van Looy’s Loft was the most successful movie ever made in Flanders.
Bullhead - In 2012, Michaël R Roskam’s directorial debut Rundskop (Bullhead) was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film.
Names - Well-known current Flemish directors include Erik Van Looy, Jan Verheyen, Michaël R Roskam, Fien Troch and Felix Van Groeningen.

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