Eén working with BBC on new drama series The Missing


Flemish public broadcaster VRT’s leading channel Eén is co-producing a new drama series with the BBC about a British boy who goes missing on holiday

Series stars several Flemish actors

Eén, the leading channel of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, has begun shooting a new series in co-production with the BBC. The Missing stars Belgian actors Titus De Voogdt (Small Gods, 22 Mei) and Emilie Dequenne (A perdre la raison), as well as British actors James Nesbitt (The Hobbit) and Frances O’Connor (Mr Selfridge). The eight-part series will be filmed entirely in Belgium.

The story concerns a young boy who goes missing while on holiday in France and follows police and parents as they try to find him. Despite the lack of success, the boy’s father, played by Nesbitt, refuses to give up the search, even years later, eventually throwing his marriage into jeopardy. De Voogdt (pictured) plays someone of interest in the case, once it is re-opened by a keen French detective.

“We’re extremely pleased with this co-operation between the BBC and Eén,” said Elly Vervloet, Eén’s deputy network manager. “Following Parade’s End and The White Queen, The Missing is the third major drama series in which Eén has been a partner.”

The series is scheduled to shoot in across Belgium over the next three months. Other Flemish actors involved include Johan Leysen (Het Vonnis, The Spiral), Hilde Heijnen (Parade’s End, In Flanders Fields) and Lotte Heijtenis (Zot van A, Jes), while the crew includes many local industry professionals. The series will eventually air on BBC One, Eén and Starz in the US.

Photo by Mark De Vilder/VRT