Flemish director Caroline Strubbe’s films screen at MoMa


The two feature films by Flemish director Caroline Strubbe, Lost Persons Area and I’m the same I’m an other, will be screened next month at New York’s Museum of Modern Art

Strubbe and producer head to New York

New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) will show Flemish director Caroline Strubbe’s two feature films every day during the first week of July. Strubbe is the first of her generation of Flemish filmmakers whose work is being shown in the film programme of the prestigious institution. She and the films’ producer, Tomas Leyers of Minds Meet, will be present at the first screening on 2 July.

Strubbe’s 2009 film Lost Persons Area is the story of a couple who are loving, if neglectful, parents of a young girl, Tessa, who finally finds a friend and protector in a Hungarian worker on her father’s crew. It won the SACD Prize for Best Script at Cannes’ Critic’s Week.

Her 2013 follow-up, I’m the same I’m an other, finds Tessa fleeing Flanders to England with the Hungarian Szabolcs, as each tries to negotiate the situation and their relationship to each other. Both films slowly and quietly build up to emotionally shocking endings that change both their worlds.

“Caroline Strubbe’s voice in cinema is like nothing I have ever heard before,” commented Dave Kehr of MoMa’s film department. “Intimate, detailed and tangibly realistic but at the same time enigmatic, elusive and with respect for the inherent mystery of people and places. I am honoured to be able to introduce these exceptional films to the New York public.”


photo: Caroline Strubbe (left) works with actress Kimke Desart on the set of I'm the same, I'm an other

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Thanks to a federal tax shelter system, support from the Flemish Audiovisueel Fund and the rise of a new generation of talented filmmakers, Flemish cinema has been riding the crest of a wave since the mid-2000s with distinctly locally flavoured features that have appealed to both crowds and critics.
Loft - With more than one million viewers, Erik Van Looy’s Loft was the most successful movie ever made in Flanders.
Bullhead - In 2012, Michaël R Roskam’s directorial debut Rundskop (Bullhead) was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film.
Names - Well-known current Flemish directors include Erik Van Looy, Jan Verheyen, Michaël R Roskam, Fien Troch and Felix Van Groeningen.

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