450 new editions of Dutch-language text in run-up to Frankfurt Book Fair


German publishers have produced more than 450 translations of Dutch-language literature or other books about Flanders and the Netherlands ahead of the guest appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Together in language

In the run-up to the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair, where Flanders and the Netherlands are the official Guest of Honour, Germany has published more than 450 new translations of Dutch-language books. Frankfurt, which takes place next month, is the world’s largest trade fair for books.

Most of the German translations are literature, including both fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry, children’s books and graphic novels. This is the largest number of new texts concerning the guest country or region ever produced by Germany in the run-up to the fair.

It’s also expected that other countries will translate Dutch-language texts into their languages to have available at the fair. Aside from being a major export country for translations of Dutch-language literature, German translations also open the door for translations into other languages.

“The huge success of the German translations even before the Book Fair begins,” said Flemish culture minister Sven Gatz, “proves how useful it is for Flanders and the Netherlands to be co-operating in this cultural initiative.”

The Frankfurt Book Fair takes place from 19 to 23 October.