Carll Cneut wins Flemish Culture Prize for literature


Illustrator Carll Cneut has won this year’s Flemish Culture Prize for Literature for his large body of work, mostly in children’s literature

Award-winning illustrations

Illustrator Carll Cneut, the subject of a retrospective exhibition earlier this year in Ghent, has won this year’s Flemish Culture Prize for literature. The jury awarded him the prize for his entire body of work but they specifically cited his illustrations for the recent book De gouden kooi (The Golden Cage) as “evidence of his mastery”.

Cneut, 47, is known mostly for his work in children’s literature, which, through his illustrations, also appeal to adults. He has won awards for his work in books like Het geheim van de keel van de nachtegaal (The Secret of the Nightingale’s Throat) and Roodgeelzwartwit (Redyellowblackwhite). His work can be seen in dozens of books, both locally and internationally.

Cneut is “an absolute worthy winner” of the award, commented culture minister Sven Gatz, who awarded the author the prize at the weekend in Antwerp. “You get the feeling in his work that these are real worlds that exist outside the page.”

Photo: Detail of a drawing  by Carll Cneut from De gouden kooi