Conservatory’s crumbling buildings cause for alarm, says group


Despite an government agreement, conservation and renovations have not started on the Brussels Conservatory, so now a non-profit is asking the public for help

Adopt a window frame

The non-profit organisation Conservamus, which is managing the renovations and restoration of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, has repeated its call for urgent work to be carried out, this time on the window frames. The group this week hung a banner on one of the facades of the inner courtyard facing Regentschapsstraat, inviting members of the public to adopt a window frame.

The Conservatory is a federal responsibility, while the activities that take place inside the building are governed by the Flemish and French-speaking communities. Conservamus said that, despite an agreement signed in 2013 by the three governments concerned, none of the work required has yet been undertaken.

“Since action by the governments has failed to materialise, Conservamus has decided to wait no longer and organise the restoration of these important architectural elements ourselves,” the group said in a statement. An architect has been retained to compile a dossier for a building permit, and work should begin in the spring of 2017, Conservamus said.

The group will hold its annual support concert on 25 October, where the audience will be given the latest news on the renovation project.

Photo courtesy Conservamus