Tuxedomoon collaborator Bruce Geduldig dies at 63


Bruce Geduldig, the Californian who spent many productive years in Brussels onstage and on film sets, has died in Sacramento


American actor and performance artist Bruce Geduldig passed away last week, on his 63rd birthday and in his hometown of Sacramento, California.

Known worldwide for his pioneering multimedia work with avant-garde music collective Tuxedomoon, which moved from San Francisco to Brussels in the 1980s, Geduldig also collaborated with Belgian partners on projects spanning the artistic spectrum from music to film to theatre.

Geduldig had a chart hit with the gonzo Brussels electronic outfit The Weathermen and directed music videos for other artists, including his long-time friends and fellow expatriates Minimal Compact. He was constantly at work in front of and behind the camera on television and film productions in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Geduldig was particularly prolific in his final years, appearing in films by Ghent-based director Kris De Meester (Four Roses and Johnny Walker), Brussels-based filmmaker Martine Doyen (Tomorrow) and Flemish choreographer and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus (Monkey Sandwich).

Photo: Bruce Geduldig in Kris De Meester’s 2015 film Johnny Walker