What’s on: street artist ROA and Europalia top events of the week


Belgium’s leading street artist heads indoors, there’s a unique performance by William Kentridge, and mega-festival Europalia takes over Brussels – and beyond

Ancestors & Rituals

One of Europalia Indonesia’s flagship shows: Don’t miss this rare insight into the history and tradition of the immense island archipelago. Indonesia is an incredibly diverse nation, but one unifying facet is the role ascribed to ancestors and the rituals surrounding death.

A rich and dazzling collection of around 160 statues, sculpture, masks, jewellery, textiles and other objects, reveals how communities show their status, protect their livelihoods and ensure present-day harmony. Bozar also simultaneously hosts Power and Other Things, which explores the country’s often turbulent history since 1835 through the eyes of 21 Indonesian and Western artists (opening 18 October).
Until 14 January, Bozar, Brussels

William Kentridge: Peripheral Thinking

Somewhat echoing Flemish painter Tinus Vermeersch, who recently told us that he doesn’t paint to create images but creates images so he can paint, South African artist William Kentridge says that he has no idea how his animated films will turn out until they are done. In this monologue, just ahead of the opening of his site-specific exhibition Smoke, Ashes, Fable in Bruges museum Sint-Jans Hospital, the multimedia artist embarks on tales of the creative process. His droll sense of humour and capricious visuals are entertaining whether you’re familiar with his work or not. (In English)
17 October 19.00, Concertgebouw, ’t Zand 34, Bruges

ROA: Cataclysm

Antwerp’s At the Gallery sure got the title right: ROA’s work – stark, disconcerting and sometimes gruesome – often suggests that upheaval is close at hand. Animals, most particularly rodents, could inherit the earth, he suggests, but their time will be short too. It’s all about transmutation and ultimately decay. Normally working on city walls, the Flemish street artist is one of Europe’s most celebrated, but this inside exhibition is the result of an artist residency at the gallery. The work does not suffer for it.
Until 7 January, At the Gallery, Leopoldstraat 57, Antwerp

Photo: Mamuli, a ceremonial ear pendant and sacred heirloom; East Sumba, Indonesia
©Museum Nasional Indonesia, Photo by Arkadius 2016