Ask a scientist anything you want to know in new campaign


Flanders’ innovation minister has launched a campaign wherein citizens can ask any question they want – about their bodies, their minds, their technology or the frogs in their gardens – of the region’s scientists

Looking for answers?

It seems that every day the headlines announce a new scientific discovery or breakthrough. This week alone, we heard that a protein had been developed that helps break down plastic and that a new super-telescope promises to discover 3,000 new planets.

But does science answer your own burning questions? That’s what Flemish innovation minister Philippe Muyters wants to know. So he has just launched Vraag voor de wetenschap (Question for Science).

The idea is to give citizens the chance to ask any question they want about any area of science, from anatomy to meteorology to robotics. “We are giving the floor to the citizens so they can let us know what is important to them,” said Muyters. “All the questions will become part of a Flemish Science Agenda that can work to inspire our scientists.”

From now until 27 May is Science Weeks, an initiative that sees schools and other organisations visiting research facilities. So until then, anyone can log in to the website, and ask a question. Visitors to the site can also vote on their favourite questions.

Later in the autumn, Science Nights will see citizens, research centres, industry and scientists coming together to tackle all those burning questions. At a special event on 14 December, the Science Agenda will be presented. Muyters: “It is our sincere wish to bring science closer to the people and introduce some synergy between them.”