Bpost CEO to leave job in February


Koen Van Gerven will not seek another mandate to lead Belgium’s postal service, so the search is on for a new CEO

‘Continuity is crucial’

Federal postal service Bpost will have to go looking for a new CEO; Koen Van Gerven has decided not to put his name in the hat for re-appointment when his contract comes to an end early next year.

Van Gerven started at Bpost in 2006 as the director of retail and financial services. He was in charge of the department during a crucial period, when many local post offices shut down. He was also the chair of the board of Bpost bank.

In 2009, he switched to Bpost’s ICT department, eventually overseeing the service’s introduction to the stock market. He was appointed CEO in 2014. His six-year mandate runs out at the end of February.

“My whole team has worked very hard over the last several years to meet many challenges and give the company a clear direction,” Van Gerven, 60, told VRT. “The vision and strategy, as well as the challenges and plans are well laid-out. Our recent results show that the company is ambitious and has the right people to provide a sustainable solution to the challenges that the digital world has brought us.”

He emphasised that it was crucial to find a new CEO who would also stay through the entire six-year contract. “That is the only way to ensure continuity.”

Photo Laurie Dieffembacq/BELGA