Brussels public transport boosts security personnel and self-defence training


More security officers and an increase in self-defence drills are two of the measures approved by MIVB management to help staff deal with an increase in aggression on public transport

Online harassment

Brussels transport operator MIVB has announced a series of additional security measures following a meeting between management and trade unions last week. The operator’s security officers will from now on patrol in groups of three instead of two, and they’ll increase the frequency of self-defence trainings.

The measures are meant to help staff better respond to passengers who become violent, something that happens approximately three times a week. “Together with labour unions and the police, MIVB is doing everything it can to ensure that personnel can safely do their jobs,” spokesperson Guy Sablon told Bruzz.

Unionists have repeatedly asked management to allow them to use pepper spray during checks. That demand wasn’t met because this would require legislative changes: Pepper sprays are not currently allowed in Belgium.

MIVB will also hire two additional staff members in the short term, and more recruitments are to follow. The transport operator is also exploring whether it can issue fines that don’t mention the name of the officer who issued it. Personnel have complained of being harassed on social media after issuing fines to passengers.

Photo: Paul-Henri Verlooy/BELGA