4DX cinema experience now in Antwerp and Brussels


Cinema-goers in Brussels and Antwerp can now get the full-on 4DX experience, with wind, heat and even smells that match the onscreen action

Fly like a Jedi

Kinepolis opens its new 4DX cinemas in Brussels and Antwerp today with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 4DX brings the audience into the action on screen with seats that move and other real-life effects, like wind, quick temperature changes, odours, mist and special lighting.

Even a vapour of water can be sprayed in visitors’ faces (though the effect can be turned off on all seats if desired). All of the effects are synchronised with what’s happening onscreen. For The Last Jedi, for instance, viewers’ seats will move like those of the Jedi fighters in the movie.

4DX editors programme the effects, and it’s becoming more popular: In 2016, 105 films were programmed with 4DX. It can be programmed for both 2D and 3D movies and is mostly used in the action, horror and science fiction genres.

The Flemish cinema group “has always been a frontrunner in the field of innovative technologies that make the cinema experience more intense,” said CEO Eddy Dequenne. “Cinema is about experiencing emotions together, and 4DX intensifies that experience. The service fits in with our diverse offer, with which we want to reach as many target groups as possible.”

Kinepolis isn’t planning on opening more 4DX cinemas in Belgium in the immediate future, but an opening is planned in Madrid later this month and in Lomme, France, early next year. Tickets to the new experience cost €17.65. Kids have to be older than three and at least one metre tall.