AB InBev workers block delivery trucks


Unions protesting workers being moved between locations in Flanders are not allowing deliveries to leave AB InBev breweries

Weekends stocks not in danger

Union members are stationed at AB InBev breweries across the country, blocking delivery trucks from entering or exiting. This means no new deliveries of AB InBev beers, including Jupiler, Leffe and Hoegaarden, are getting to bars, supermarkets or other retailers.

The Bulletin reports that unions are protesting at the lack of a premium being paid to workers in Flanders who are being transferred to other AB InBev sites. The brewery is consolidating some of its depots and wants to move a few workers from one to the other, as well as alter some delivery schedules.

If management doesn’t come through with a proposal, a union worker told Bruzz, “then there will be no more AB InBev beers to be had by the middle of next week”.

AB InBev spokesperson Fleur Poets told the paper that the negotiations had already started and that the union’s actions are premature. “The unions are demanding that a relocation premium be paid to drivers who have to travel 850 metres further.”

AB InBev also makes Stella Artois and Belle-Vue. Catering sector federation Horeca Vlaanderen said that bars, restaurants and supermarkets generally have enough stock to last several days. Should it come down to supplies running low, said spokesperson Gerrit Budts, “we hope that AB InBev allows the bars to get their supplies from somewhere else, which is not always allowed according to the contract.”

AB InBev owns many bars across the country that are franchised to individuals. The bars must serve AB InBev beers, which they get directly from the brewery.