Alpro opens new warehouse and innovation centre


Flanders’ multi-national producer of alternatives to dairy products has invested €40 million in its headquarters in West Flanders

Keeping up with demand

The multinational food company Alpro has unveiled its new high-tech warehouse and innovation centre at its production headquarters in Wevelgem, West Flanders (pictured). The €40 million investment was necessary, the company said, to keep up with consumer demand.

The company produces alternatives to dairy foods and drinks, including soy and nut-based milks, yoghurts and desserts. The demand for the products has increased so much in the last five years that staff numbers have grown by 65%.

Alpro operates in Belgium, the UK and France, employing some 1,100 people. It expects to hire another 100 workers this year. Most of them, including a number of technicians, will be for the factory in Wevelgem.

The new warehouse can hold 6,000 cooled pallets and 24,000 pallets kept at room temperature. It also houses 10,000 pallets of packing and materials for research and development.

The innovation centre will develop and test new products. It is home to tasting rooms, research labs, test kitchens and storage space.