Antoine frituur to get brand new stand on Jourdanplein


Brussels’ most celebrated frietkot is being demolished but will rise from the ashes in September

Fried feast

Maison Antoine, one of Brussels’ most celebrated frietkots, is being demolished to make way for a whole new installation to open in September, the district of Etterbeek has announced. Customers will be served from a temporary food truck until the new stand is complete.

The stand on Jourdanplein is regularly mentioned in tourist guides as one of the best place to get fries in the capital. Aside from the quality, locals and tourists alike appreciate the deal it’s made with the bars on the square, which allow customers to eat Antoine’s food in their establishments.

The eatery also hit the headlines recently when German chancellor Angela Merkel took a break from an EU summit to sample Antoine’s fried delights.

The familiar round pavilion will be broken down, and a new stand will be built on a different part of the square; the square itself is undergoing a thorough makeover. The new Antoine’s will have three service windows instead of two.

Etterbeek owns the installation and is paying some €300,000 for the renovation.