Brussels Airlines to launch Magritte aircraft


René Magritte’s silhouette of a bird filled with a cloudy blue sky will soon be seen on the tail of a new Brussels Airlines aircraft

Fly like a bird

Following up on its plane decorated with an image of Tintin, Brussels Airlines is now launching a new customised aircraft featuring a reference to the work of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

The new plane features the image from the 1966 work The Promise (detail pictured), an silhouette of a dove filled in with a cloudy blue sky – an image that features in several earlier works. The dove is placed next to the Brussels Airlines logo on the tail of the plane.

The image used to be the logo of Sabena, the Belgian national airline that went bankrupt in 2001. Sabena at one point owned the painting and used the dove on tableware and other on-board items, as well as on the wing-tips of its aircraft.

“We’re going to take Magritte into the skies,” a spokesperson for Brussels Airlines. The choice of Magritte was not a throwback to that past, he said, but a sign of the airline’s “Belgitude”. “We want to position ourselves as a Belgian company.” Brussels Airlines is now a part of the German Lufthansa group.