Creative sector pulls together under new covenant


The Flemish government and non-profit Flanders DC have agreed a four-year covenant to bring more ambitious enterprise into the creative sector, which now includes gaming

Hub for entrepreneurship

The government of Flanders has agreed to a new four-year covenant with Flanders DC, the non-profit organisation that supports and promotes enterprise in Flanders. Since January, the organisation has included Design Vlaanderen.

Flanders DC (short for District of Creativity) now covers all creative sectors: from architecture to visual arts, audio-visual production, new media, advertising and communications. Flanders Fashion Institute came into the organisation in 2009; under the new covenant, Flanders DC (pictured) now also covers gaming.

“We are bringing together all efforts working towards enterprise in the creative sector in one organisation,” economy and innovation minister Philippe Muyters said. “Flanders DC has the expertise, the network and the credibility within the sector. It continues to inspire and advise to bring more and more ambitious enterprise into the creative sector. We believe very strongly in its economic potential.”

Flanders DC director Pascal Cools said: “We are happy with the trust the Flemish government has placed in us to act as the hub for entrepreneurship in the creative sector, and to promote it at home and abroad. Thanks to the enlargement of our team we can extend our advisory function to support Flemish entrepreneurs and set those starting out on the right path.”

The new covenant starts on 1 January, 2017 and runs until 31 December, 2020.

Photo courtesy b-allroom