Delhaize to ban battery-farmed eggs from own products


By 2020, the supermarket chain will only use free-range eggs in its own-brand products, saying it hopes to inspire others in the sector

Improving animal welfare

Supermarket chain Delhaize has announced it will ban the use of eggs from battery hens in all of its own-brand products by 2020.

Out of the 7,000 Delhaize-branded products currently on sale, nearly 1,200 contain eggs – of which two-thirds are free-range. This means about 400 products still use eggs from caged hens.

The supermarket chain said it wished to “confirm its role in improving animal welfare and hopes to inspire other players in the sector”.

Other Belgian supermarkets have taken similar decisions. Colruyt committed to only use free-range eggs in its own-brand products in 2012. Lidl followed suit last year.