Delhaize launches extension of campaign to fight food waste


Delhaize has announced that all 70 of its supermarkets in Flanders that it manages itself will implement its food waste plan already in place in more than 25 stores

Unsold goods to food banks

Supermarket chain Delhaize will implement its food waste plan in all 70 of its supermarkets in Flanders, the company has announced. According to the plan, unsold but still-edible food is donated to organisations such as food banks.

Delhaize started donating unsold foods in 2012, around the time of the so-called Muffin Man trial, when a man was charged with theft after taking two packs of muffins from a dumpster outside a GB in Kruibeke. The bad publicity surrounding the case and the attention it brought to the issue of food waste, led Delhaize to implement a policy. At present, 26 of the company’s stores in Flanders give away food that is approaching its sell-by date, including bread, produce and dry goods.

Delhaize now plans to allow all its supermarkets in Flanders to do the same, said spokesperson Roel Dekelver. The smaller franchised outlets will be able to join in as they choose. The company currently gives away the equivalent of 400,000 meals every year; in time, it aims to raise that total to four million.

The supermarket chain is now looking for social organisations with which to work on the project. It has already announced a partnership with Zusterkens der Armen (Little Sisters of the Poor) for two stores in Antwerp province.

Photo courtesy Delhaize