Deme awarded clean-up contract for Blue Gate Antwerp


A consortium made up of Deme and Bopro have been awarded the contract to start the clean-up of Antwerp’s former Petroleum Zuid industrial site ahead of a major development

New business park

Dredging company Deme, based in Zwijndrecht, Antwerp province, is part of the consortium selected to carry out the development of Blue Gate Antwerp, a business park to be located on the heavily polluted site of the former Petroleum Zuid. The other partners in the Blue O’pen group are Mechelen’s Bopro management and consultancy group and Dredging International, another division of Deme.

The site lies close to the Scheldt to the south of Antwerp and, once cleaned, will become a 63-hectare site for companies working in productions, logistics and research and development. The consortium will be responsible for de-polluting the site then maintaining it. The total cost of Blue Gate Antwerp is estimated at €58 million; the government of Flanders is providing a subsidy of €24 million.

Clean-up alone will cost some €22 million, but signing tenants to the site is expected to bring in €47 million. The initial step in finding customers for the site will be taken this month at the Mipim real estate trade fair in Cannes. That job will be the responsibility of Bopro, a property consultancy; public sector partners AG Vespa and Business & Innovatie, representing the city of Antwerp; and the government’s PMV and Waterways and Sea Canal agency.

The group estimates 2030 as a deadline for the site becoming operational.

Photo: The Blue Gate project will include a business park and green space