Flanders sets up information point for companies with questions on Brexit


Flanders Investment & Trade wants to advise companies unsure of the effects on their business of the UK’s vote to leave the EU

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The government of Flanders and its export agency, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), have set up an information point for businesses with questions about the effects of Brexit – the decision by UK voters to leave the European Union.

In the first place, the government advises that businesses remain calm. “To be perfectly clear, nothing will change in the short term,” it said in a statement. “Flemish businesses will continue to export to the United Kingdom. Trade doesn’t just fall quiet from one day to the next.”

Even once the British decide to trigger Article 50, which would officially begin the process of leaving the EU, the procedure could take two years or more, the statement says. In the meantime, to deal with questions and concerns companies may have, FIT has set up a contact point where people can ask for advice.

“The UK is in fourth place as an export destination for Flanders,” said FIT CEO Claire Tillekaerts. “FIT has built up long experience in advising businesses with questions about trade barriers outside the EU.”

Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois was due to visit the first Flanders Export Fair today in Tour & Taxis in Brussels, where he will address his government’s international strategy. Businesses with questions about exports and international enterprise can visit the fair, which runs until Wednesday.

“Companies that do business internationally need to have security – legal, fiscal and social security,” said Bourgeois. “Of course, companies will have questions about what the consequences of Brexit are for them in concrete terms. Flanders has set up this hotline to give Flemish companies advice, and companies can get answers from FIT, from [Innovation and Enterprise Agency] Vlaio and from Enterprise Europe Network.”

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