Flemish government, Siemens and UZLeuven employers of the year


This year’s Employers of the Year have been announced, with UZLeuven performing particularly well among the public and HR professionals

Public prizes for Volvo and UZGent

Siemens, the government of Flanders and the Leuven University Hospital (UZLeuven) have been named as this year’s Employers of the Year, a competition organised by Vlerick Business School, HR company Acerta and jobs magazine Vacature.

According to the organisers, staff evaluations of employers is increasingly dependent on job security, which now moves up into third place behind job duties and corporate atmosphere in the evaluation. They also point out that the private sector is losing ground to government service, education, health care and social services.

The award is a combination of public votes and a jury of professionals. Visitors to the award’s website were asked to choose the most appealing employer in Flanders/Brussels from a list of 600 in the three categories. The 60 businesses nominated by 7,500 members of the public were then asked to complete a questionnaire on their employment policies. A jury of experts selected a short list of nine organisations, with the final winners chosen by Acerta.

German engineering and electronics company Siemens, with its Belgian subsidiary based in Brussels, takes the award’s gold medal in the private sector. Silver and bronze went to home-grown Janssen Pharmaceutica and Bayer, respectively.

The public prize for the private sector, decided by votes from HR professionals and local executives, going to Volvo Cars in Ghent.

The government won in the category of non-profit enterprises, ahead of the federal public health ministry with silver and the University of Leuven with bronze. “This award is not only a recognition of the staff policy of the Flemish government, but also a sign that the outside world considers the administration to be a good employer,” said Flemish minister for the civil service, Geert Bourgeois. “That’s essential if we want to attract and keep our skilled personnel in the future.”

UZ Leuven (pictured), the largest hospital in the country, won gold in the social profit sector, against the Christian Mutuality at second and the university clinic of Saint-Luc in Brussels at third. The public’s choice award in the social profit sector went to Ghent’s University Hospital.

Belgacom, meanwhile, was given a special award for its diversity policy; the telecommunications giant recently appointed its first woman CEO.

Photo courtesy KULeuven