Incomes on the rise in Flanders


Average annual incomes are increasing across Belgium, according to new figures released by the federal economy ministry

Sint-Martens-Latem is country’s richest municipality

Incomes are on the increase across Belgium, according to figures released last week by the federal economy ministry. The national average was €16,106 in 2011, 3.3% higher than in 2010.

The residents of  Sint-Martens-Latem in East Flanders (pictured) have the highest average annual net income – €24,278 – in the country. Flanders in general has a higher average income than the other two regions – €17,146 compared to €15,277 in Wallonia and €12,885 in Brussels. Sint-Martens-Latem is the richest municipality, followed by nearby De Pinte (€23,066); Keerbergen in Flemish Brabant; Oud-Heverlee, also in Flemish Brabant; and Lasne in Walloon Brabant.

Not unexpectedly, the poorest municipalities can be found in Brussels: Sint-Joost-Ten-Node (€8,047), Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (€9,746) and Schaarbeek (€10,857). In Flanders, meanwhile, the poorest municipality is Mesen in West Flanders on €12,438 – coincidentally also the smallest municipality in Belgium.

The figures are based on the net taxable income declared by residents and so do not measure overall wealth, including savings, investments or property.

Average national income in Belgium up 3.3%

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