Jupiler to be called ‘Belgium’ in honour of World Cup


Belgium’s top-selling beer is changing its name, so World Cup fans will know exactly where the event’s official beer is made

‘A higher purpose’

Don’t be confused if you can’t find your regular pintje on store shelves anymore. Jupiler has not been discontinued, it’s just changed its name.

As The Bulletin reports this week, Jupiler’s brewer, AB Inbev, has changed the name of its top-selling beer in Belgium temporarily in honour of World Cup. The brew is the official beer of World Cup, so AB Inbev is taking advantage of the exposure and changed the name of the beer to “Belgium”.

The change starts next week and will last until after World Cup in July. AB Inbev has long been one of local football’s biggest sponsors, with Jupiler being present at every stadium in the country. Jupiler is also the beer associated with the Red Devils national side.

“We are putting aside the brand’s own identity for a higher purpose,” said AB Inbev marketing manager Arnaud Hanset. “We want to start a people’s movement. All our packaging, from the beer cans to the supporters’ gadgets, will be called ‘Belgium’.”

AB Inbev, based in Leuven, is the largest brewer in the world. It is the product of mergers between the Flemish company Interbrew, the Brazilian company AmBev and the US’s Anheuser-Busch.