Leuven’s AB InBev completes SABMiller takeover


The brewer has completed its buyout of SABMiller, giving it its first foothold in Africa and projected annual sales of more than $55 billion

Deal finalised

The merger between brewing giants AB InBev and SABMiller has been finalised, cementing Leuven-based AB InBev’s position as the biggest brewer in the world. The old shares were delisted on Euronext Brussels yesterday, and trading in the new shares has begun. As well as Euronext Brussels, the brewer is listed in Johannesburg and Mexico City.

The name of the newly merged brewer remains AB InBev. SABMiller’s headquarters will remain in London until its main corporate functions merge with AB InBev’s in Leuven.

According to AB InBev CEO Carlos Brito (pictured), the merged entity can provide better financial results than the two companies separately. The focus will remain on achieving stronger sales growth and increased shareholder value.

The acquisition of SABMiller gives AB InBev its first foothold in Africa, somewhere that Brito regards as a major market that is growing even faster than Europe. The new company will have annual sales of more than $55 billion.

AB InBev had previously indicated it expected the merger to deliver more than $1.4 billion in synergies, in part by getting rid of 5,500 jobs worldwide.

Photo: Eric Vidal/Reuters

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