New app-based De Lijn ticket launched


De Lijn now has another way to buy a ticket for an hour of travel: The new M-ticket requires a one-time registration, and the app does the rest

Cheaper than SMS

Flemish public transport authority De Lijn has introduced a new ticket for its busses and trams. The M-ticket is being offered in addition to the current SMS-ticket, whereby passengers can pay their fare via text.

The new ticket uses a third-party app. After an initial registration, all it takes is a swipe on the phone to obtain a new ticket, good for one hour, including transfers. The new M-ticket can be combined with other facilities, such as parking passes.

The M-ticket costs €1.80, which is 15 cents cheaper than the SMS-ticket because there are no provider fees and €1.20 cheaper than paying cash to the driver. The ticket for multiple rides, known as the lijnkaart, still remains the best deal, at €1.40 for an hour.

De Lijn stressed that, like the SMS-ticket, the M-ticket must be requested before boarding the vehicle and that there is a short delay between requesting and obtaining the ticket to avoid fare dodgers who request the ticket only when inspectors board the transport. Those caught travelling without a ticket risk a fine of €250 to €500. 

De Lijn

De Lijn is Flanders’ public transportation system for city and regional travel. It operates bus and tram services across Flanders and parts of Brussels.
Belbus - De Lijn offers a taxi-meets-bus service in sparsely populated areas with its Belbus (Call bus). The Belbus only rides when a user requests it.
Kusttram - De Lijn operates the longest tramline in the world on the Belgian coast. Connecting Knokke in the north all the way to De Panne near the French border, the Coast Tram is the staple means of transportation along the coast.
Stakeholders - Three-quarters of Flemish municipalities are De Lijn stakeholders. Their shares don’t have any monetary value but do earn them a vote in the company’s annual general meeting.
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