One Belgian company makes top-200 for gender equality


Of Belgium’s 12 publicly owned companies examined by a Dutch foundation, just one gets top scores when it comes to gender equality

Proximus for the win

Of the 12 wholly Belgian-owned companies in the Bel-20 stock market index, only one figures among the 200 best when it comes to gender equality. That company is Proximus, which came in at 186. The CEO of Proximus is Dominique Leroy (pictured).

The ranking was compiled by the Dutch Equileap Foundation, which examined the published details of 3,000 publicly owned companies with a total market capital of more than $2 billion across the globe.

Two other companies make up part of the Bel-20: Engie of France is in 27th place, and ING of the Netherlands is in 111th place. The survey looked at women’s positions in the boardroom and in top management, equal pay – only six of the 3,000 companies scored well on this issue – paid maternity leave and opportunities for career advancement.

The French cosmetics company L’Oreal was number one on the list, followed by the British insurance firm Pearson and the National Australia Bank. Norway, the Netherlands and the UK were the best-performing nations.

In related news, there is an increasing tendency for women to become the main breadwinner in a family, according to sociologists Jan Van Bavel and Martin Klesment of the University of Leuven. Their research shows that educated women often marry less-educated men, and in more than half of those cases, the woman ends up making more money.

Other factors, however, work against the trend, including having children, the chosen education path chosen and the tendency for women’s pay to be lower than men’s for the same work.
courtesy Proximus