Sensors to guide ships into ‘parking spaces’ at port of Antwerp


No more maritime traffic jams once the port of Antwerp’s new sensors start ‘pushing’ ships into the right spaces

‘Smart quay’

The Deurganck dock at the port of Antwerp – home to the largest lock in the world – is about to join Antwerp’s city-wide Internet of Things project. A pilot project is set to ensure that ships park where they are supposed to, which should reduce wait times for all incoming freight.

The port of Antwerp reports that digital cameras and sensors are being installed to ensure that incoming ships are parking in the correct spots. This will ensure that the maximum number of ships can be parked at the same time, avoiding maritime traffic jams.

Another project will help port workers assess damage to dock infrastructure before ships experience problems, further reducing wait times. Both projects are a step in improving the port’s efficiency.

The Kieldrecht lock at the end of the Deurganck dock – connecting it to the left bank of the Scheldt river – is the largest lock in the world. It opened in 2016, with a massive four-day festival. The port of Antwerp is Europe’s second-largest port after Rotterdam, handling more than 200 million tonnes of cargo a year.