Skin cream harnesses ‘good bacteria’ to tackle spots


YUN Probiotherapy, based in Antwerp province, is using bacteria cultivated by Antwerp University to produce its creams, aimed at both teenagers and adults

1 billion bacteria

A company in Antwerp province has developed a skin cream containing bacteria to treat spots. The bacteria are cultivated at Antwerp University. The cream, created by YUN Probiotherapy in Niel, removes spots in a more natural way than well-known brands or antibiotics.

“Those remove all bacteria from your face – the bad ones but also the good bacteria, which means there is little natural defence left,” YUN Probiotherapy CEO Tom Verlinden told Het Nieuwsblad.

The new cream spreads good bacteria with a positive function, so that unwanted bacteria are “overgrown”. Every time the cream is used, about one billion bacteria get to work on the spots. 

Consumers use the cream twice day for a month, and there should be an improvement after a week. If spots appear again, the treatment should be repeated. The cream doesn’t work against acne, according to dermatologists.

For the moment, the cream can only be preserved for about six months, but the government of Flanders has allocated a subsidy €500,000 for research to extend its life to two years. The products are available at the company’s webshop and in about 40 pharmacies, mainly in Antwerp province.