Torfs and Easi are Belgium’s best workplaces


No strangers to the honour, shoe chain Torfs and software developers Easi have once again topped the list as the best employers in the country

‘Happy employees, happy customers’

Software developers Easi and shoe-store chain Torfs have topped the lists of the best places to work in Belgium. The award is given annually in two categories – companies with less than 500 employees, and those with more than 500.

This is the third year in a row that Easi has won the smaller business category. Employees were asked to fill in a questionnaire, on an anonymous basis, giving their opinions on workplace issues such as transparency, respect for colleagues, customers and suppliers, positive spirit and responsibility.

“People are central at Easi,” explained Dirk Buyens, professor of human resources management at Vlerick Business School, which organises the awards with the Great Place to Work Institute and Jobat magazine. “This really is a business 2.0, where staff can make a difference for themselves and their customers.”

Easi, headquartered in Nivelles, Walloon Brabant, and with offices in Leuven and Ghent, encourages staff, Buyens said, “to take on responsibilities and come up with new proposals. It is striking that employees can even become shareholders. Moreover, great attention is paid to having fun at work. Happy employees mean happy customers.”

Wouter Torfs’ shoe retail chain is also no stranger to the top of the Great Workplaces list, having won six times since 2010 in the larger company category. “There is attention to suppliers and shareholders as well as staff and customers,” said Buyens.

Torfs, with headquarters in Sint-Niklaas and more than 70 outlets across Belgium, “aims to create a community in which all the stakeholders feel valued,” continued Buyens. “The company’s values are partly determined by the employees. There is also a strong HR policy. Staff are genuine ambassadors for their company’s culture.”

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