Corona Debate: Discussion among politicians and scientists to be livestreamed


The big Corona Debate will put the current situation’s most famous faces around one table to consider the main issues and impacts of Covid-19

Major players

A major Corona Debate is taking place tomorrow among Flemish politicians, journalists and scientists to assess and discuss the coronavirus crisis. The debate has been organised by Medical World, Belgium’s annual congress for medical personnel and researchers, which had to be cancelled this year.

The Corona Debate will take place from 11.00-13.00 and be livestreamed on VRT NWS,, and the website Health for Life, a fundraising action initiated by Medical World. The debate will be replayed on television station Kanaal Z on Sunday at 17.00.

Politicians taking part in the debate include federal health minister Maggie De Block (Open VLD), federal finance minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) and Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA). All the virologists who have been tirelessly leading committees and appearing in the media of late will also be in the spotlight, including Marc Van Ranst, Erika Vlieghe and Steven Van Gucht.

Health for Life

The debate will cover a number of topics in its two hours, including the current situation in Belgium and the world, the future outlook locally, the impact of Covid-19 on public health and the consequences for the local economy.

Medical World has also launched the campaign Health for Life to raise funds for protective gear, ventilators and other equipment needed to continue caring for patients who succumb to complications brought on by the virus. The Health for Life website also includes a public opinion poll on how well Belgium has handled the crisis and the public’s response to the measures.

Both the results of the fundraiser and the opinion poll will be released at the end of the Corona Debate.

Photo, from left: Virologists Marc Van Ranst and Erika Vlieghe, federal health minister Maggie De Block, Flemish public health minister Wouter Beke and virologist Steven Van Gucht
©Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA