Course on climate change launched at University of Antwerp


A new course dedicated to the study of climate change is being launched this year at the University of Antwerp, a first for Belgium

Multi-disciplinary approach

Starting this academic year, students at the University of Antwerp will be able to learn everything they ever wanted to know about climate change. This makes the university of the first institution of higher education in Flanders to offer a course specifically on the topic.

According to lecturer Sara Vicca, the lessons will take an interdisciplinary approach to climate change. It will be studied from different perspectives offered by a variety of disciplines, such as biology, applied science, history, economy and philosophy.

Vicca, a biologist, told De Standaard that the elective course will be open to students in the second and third year of their bachelor’s programme, regardless of their field of study. “This is not only important for biologists; the climate impacts every area of society and science.”

Extreme weather conditions prompted by climate change will, for instance, have a significant impact on how engineers and architects go about designing future projects, she said. “It’s very important that we tell our students where they can find reliable information. Seek out science and especially the specialists in that field.”

Students were behind a series of protests in Brussels and other Belgian cities this year, calling on the regional and federal governments to take more action on climate change.

Photo: Avstraliavasin/Getty Images