Antwerp testing digital no-parking signs


The port city is testing new parking signs that would do away with the chalk scribbles and make information clearer to drivers


The City of Antwerp is launching a pilot project to test a new kind of mobile no-parking sign, which are used when needing to temporarily block parking in a street for any reason, such as moving house. The new signs are electronic and fitted with a GPS to avoid misuse and theft.

The signs are made available by the city for anyone who needs them but are often stolen to be used later without authorisation. That will be impossible with the new versions, according to Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever.

“Thanks to a built-in GPS system and alarm, the signs are always traceable. Theft and later unauthorised use become very difficult,” he said

A digital display also means the signs are more legible than the current version, where the dates of the parking ban are written by hand in chalk. It can also be checked online, which shows all temporary restrictions on parking in the city.

The signs will be tested indoors before making their public debut to see how they perform in different weather conditions. Later in the year comes an evaluation, before full implementation of the system.

Photo courtesy De Standaard