Brussels Airport revises check-in times as security measures are relaxed


Brussels Airport in Zaventem has asked passengers to arrive no earlier than the suggested check-in times to avoid further delays at the re-opened departures hall

No more long delays

Brussels Airport has revised the suggested times when passengers should arrive at the airport, after new security measures were introduced to cope with the pressure on the re-opened departures hall. Long queues from earlier this week, which caused some passengers to miss their flights, have disappeared.

The airport is advising passengers flying within the Schengen area to arrive two hours ahead of their scheduled departure. For non-Schengen flights, they should arrive three hours in advance. The Schengen area is made up of 26 countries in continental Europe, stretching to Poland and the Baltic states, including Iceland and Norway, but not the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The new times are the same as those before 22 March, said the airport.

Security and ID checks carried out before entering the airport building – one of the causes of the delays – will no longer affect everyone, but will be carried out at random. Suspect behaviour, such as trying to avoid security cameras, will be cause for inspection, said home affairs minister Jan Jambon, adding that people will not be subject to racial or ethnic profiling.

Passengers are also advised not to arrive earlier than the suggested times. It now appears that the long lines on Monday and Tuesday were at least partly caused by people arriving far in advance of their scheduled flights, adding to the delay for others.

Some security measures remain. Only passengers with a ticket and ID will be allowed inside the terminal building. The drop-off area remains closed, and passengers can be dropped off in the airport car park, while returning passengers can be picked up there. Advance check-in of luggage can still be done at Brucargo, but each passenger has to check in their own bag in person, with the exception of children under 12.

Photo: Eric Lalmand/BELGA