Crevits approves €3.1m for shuttles to remote workplaces


Buses will serve sites out of reach of transport network to discourage use of private cars

Towards 2030 goal

Flemish minister for public works and mobility Hilde Crevits has announced funding of €3.1 million to provide shuttle buses for remote workplaces which cannot be serviced by the normal network of the public transport authority De Lijn, such as harbour areas.

One of the government’s goals is for home-to-work transport to be 40% collective by 2030, including travel by bicycle or on foot. Outlying work areas encourage, on the contrary, the use of private cars, in areas where public transport does not run. Some factories, for example, operate a shifts system, which means there is peak demand for transport at two or three periods of the day, and little or none at other times.

Another example is port areas, which require a particular approach, as shown by existing projects in Zeebrugge, Ghent and the left bank of the Scheldt in Antwerp (pictured), Crevits said. Those three projects will continue to operate this year, with financing of €1.1 million. Another €2 million is for new projects, with the service providers open to public tender. Next year the two sets of projects will come together.

If the goals for 2030 are to be met, Crevits said, “then specific efforts will be needed for areas that are poor in transport opportunities”.

Photo courtesy Port of Antwerp

Flemish mobility minister approves funding of €3.1 million to provide shuttle buses for remote workplaces.

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