€3m investment in new child-care facilities in Brussels


The VGC has announced it will spend the money on creating two new crèches in the capital and extending an existing facility

Extra places

The Flemish Community Commission (VGC) in Brussels is creating extra child-care facilities, with two new crèches – one in Elsene and one in Sint-Joost – as well as the extension of an existing facility in Schaarbeek. The total investment package comes to €3 million, according to Bianca Debaets, the capital’s secretary of state for family matters.

The day-care centre in Elsene will be in Kerckxstraat, where €2.4 million will be spent on a new facility to be ready in three years. In Sint-Joost, a house will be converted by the end of this year.

The extension to the Elmer-Noord crèche near North Station in Schaarbeek will take over an adjoining building and be available by mid-2019.

The number of places made available by the latest investment is not yet certain, Debaets said. “That will only be clear once the new buildings are finished and Kind & Gezin have licensed the new crèches,” she said.