Flanders considers more plastic waste recycling


The government is considering standardising the sorting of plastic waste across the region to increase the kind of plastic that can be recycled

Think pink

The government of Flanders is considering the introduction of a new pink-coloured bag to recycle plastics that are not allowed to be part of the blue PMD bags, environment minister Joke Schauvliege has announced.

At present, the rules differ from municipality to municipality on what is allowed in the PMD bag: Some allow plastic shopping bags or margarine tubs, while others do not. There is currently a pilot project in some municipalities to test out the separate pink bag (pictured).

Schauvliege suggested that the pink bags would cost 25 cents, less than the cost of the general rubbish bag, making it cheaper for households to sort their rubbish. According to Flemish public waste agency Ovam, the average resident produces 468 kilograms of rubbish a year, the lowest figure in 20 years and 100kg less than 15 years ago.

“We are doing a good job and belong to the best in Europe,” Schauvliege said. “We need to carry on like that.”

Photo courtesy VRT