Flemings get creative with names for new Limburg town


Two Limburg towns that will soon merge recently called on the public to suggest names for their new merged municipality, with a whole lot of hilarity ensuing from the submissions

Pelty McPeltface

It’s become a trope by now: Ask the public to vote on a name for something, and they’ll take a trip down Comedy Avenue. The UK’s Boaty McBoatface – the name that won an internet poll for the UK's new research vessel – started a wave of internet hilarity when it comes to naming.

So it will come as no shock that Pelty McPeltface is one of the submissions for a possible new name for the merged municipalities of Neerpelt (pictured) and Overpelt in Limburg province, neighbouring towns that have decided to join together.  

Members of the public offered more than 800 suggestions for a new name, including Dommelbroek and Pelt aan de Dommel, both inspired by the Dommel river. A jury will present three official nominations next month, and residents will vote on them. The final decision will be announced in November.

Meanwhile, the municipalities of Waarschoot, Zomergem and Lovendegem in East Flanders are also planning to merge. Let the games begin.