Gaia launches action against animal testing for cleaning products


The animal rights organisation kicked off a new campaign in Brussels with dancers wielding mops, in the hope of convincing people to switch to animal-friendly brands

Action across Flanders

Animal rights organisation Gaia has launched a campaign against the use of animal testing in the development of cleaning products.

The campaign kicked off in Nieuwstraat in Brussels, with a troupe of dancers armed with mops and buckets, with actress Loes Van den Heuvel, who plays the cleaning lady Carmen in the TV series FC De Kampioenen.

The campaign will spread to the rest of Flanders from Monday, with actions in Antwerp, Blankenberge, Genk, Ghent, and Leuven.

The use of animal testing in the cosmetics industry is already banned, but the practice continues in the production of cleaning products. Gaia argues alternatives are available, and the campaign aims to convince shoppers to switch to brands that do not test on animals, a list of which is available on the Gaia website.

The campaign also involves a petition in co-operation with the European coalition against animal testing for rules at EU level. Gaia also intends to carry out actions aimed at the regional governments in Belgium. 

Photo courtesy Gaia