Ghent mayor prepares to step down and gets bucket list ready


Daniël Termont is stepping down as mayor of Ghent next year, and he knows just what to do next

Bucket list

Piano lessons, TV crime shows and all the books on his shelves: the choice made by Ghent mayor Daniël Termont, on being asked to compile his bucket list by radio host Luc Alloo.

The idea of the bucket list comes from the 2007 film of the same name starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, who, on realising they haven’t much time left, decide to compile a list of things they would like to do before kicking the bucket (hence the name).

Termont (pictured), let us hope, has plenty of time left – but next year he is stepping down as mayor of Ghent – the second-best mayor in the world according to 2014’s World Mayor Prize – after two terms in City Hall. 

His desires are modest. First, piano lessons – he has received the gift of a course of 10 lessons from the Flemish chamber of commerce Voka on announcing his impending retirement.

Then, in no particular order: travel (specifically a ski trip), cycling, and then two more placid pursuits – reading all his books and finally have time to watch all those hit crime series.

From Flanders Today, best wishes, mayor Termont, on completing the list.
Photo credit: Michiel Hendryckx/Wikimedia