New pass allows bus, tram and train travel in Antwerp and Ghent


A new Mobib card allows travellers in Ghent and Antwerp to travel freely between busses, trams and train stations

City Pass

The new City Pass went on sale yesterday in Ghent and Antwerp. The public transport pass, a joint effort between De Lijn and the NMBS, allows users to freely transfer between busses, trams and trains in the city it covers.

The pass, which is a Mobib card, costs €60 a month or €484 a year, with discounts available for passengers 25 and younger. The pass allows unlimited use of any bus or tram as well as the train within the city’s limits.

Both cities’ outlying districts are included in the area, which means the pass can be used to travel to 13 train stations in Antwerp (including, for instance, Hoboken-Polder and all four Mortsel stations) and seven in Ghent (including Drongen and Evergem).

Research shows that about half of all commutes in both cities take place within the zones covered by the City Pass. Public transport authorities hope that the pass will convince more people to use the infrastructure as an alternative to driving to and from work.

The City Pass can currently only be purchased at NMBS ticket counters. It can be reloaded at the counters or online.

Photo courtesy De Lijn