Offside: Those cheating Antwerpenaars


According to a survey from a dating website, the top five unfaithful cities in Flanders are Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Leuven

Flemings have sex once a week on average

The figures are in, and it’s official: The people of Antwerp province are the most unfaithful in Flanders and Brussels. The info comes from the owners of the dating website Victoria Milan, which describes itself unapologetically as “specially designed for men and women who are currently in a relationship, but are looking for thrills and excitement via discreet flirtation or an affair”.

Victoria Milan took a survey of its customer base, and the top five unfaithful cities are Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Leuven. Based on an average activity of adulterers, Antwerp is 23% more active than the average city, while Brussels is 19% more active. This is remarkable, in that Brussels has 33% more residents on the site than Antwerp does. Must be all those sailors – or at least the sea air.

To be fair, those cheating Antwerpenaars are only spending 23% more time on the website; no one knows, of course, how much they’re actually being unfaithful in real life. It could be they’re content to look but not touch.

Meanwhile, in Ghent (17% more randy than the national average) researchers working with colleagues from Leuven have produced a report on sexual health in Flanders. According to the university, it lays to rest 13 myths about sexual behaviour. Some findings:

Flemings have sex on average once a week, not the two to three times some might have us believe.
More people have a sexual attraction to members of the same sex than ever act on them – 72% of women and 46% of men.
One in four pregnancies is unplanned.
Men can also be victims of unwanted sexual attentions – 6.3% of males under the age of 18 and 1.7% of adults.
One woman in five and one man in eight suffers some kind of sexual dysfunction.