Public transport running in Flanders despite strike


Most train lines and other public transport are running this morning, though with delays, as the AOCD union makes good on its promise to stage a one-day strike

Worst traffic of the year

Some 70% of De Lijn drivers and most train lines are running this morning in Flanders, despite a strike by the socialist union ACOD, which represents government and public service workers. Some train routes are fairly normal, while others – such as the coastal line running through Ghent and Brussels and the line from Antwerp to Brussels – are experiencing delays.

Transport in Brussels is more seriously affected, with only one metro line running – line 1, between Stockel and West Station. While tram lines 3, 4, 7, 82, 92 and 94 are running, no busses have yet been seen.

Expecting a disruption in public transport, many commuters took to their cars this morning, leading to early traffic snarls that continue. At 9.00, there was 370 kilometres of tailbacks reported across the country, and at one point, it reached 400 kilometres, making it the worst morning commute of the year.

ACOD is staging the one-day strike, which is set to end at 22.00 tonight, to protest against what it sees as too little investment in public services and cuts to workers’ pensions.

Photo courtesy De Lijn