Traffic police take delivery of 120 customised new cars


The new, more powerful fleet cost a total of €5.8m and hit the road this week

Better safety and comfort

The federal traffic police have a new fleet of customised cars for 2018. The first of the new Volvo V90s hit the roads in Aalter, East Flanders, on Thursday morning.

The 121 cars cost a total of €5.8 million and are designed to improve the safety and comfort of police officers and make them more visible on the roads, with a more powerful motor, leather interior and lights that are less dazzling for other motorists.

Given that a traffic officer often spends eight hours a day in their car, ergonomics and safety are important in the new design. The flashing lights on the vehicle’s roof use multi-coloured LED lights that can easily change colour, meaning they use fewer lamps and are lighter than in previous models.

More than 50 new police motorbikes have also been ordered and will be added to the fleet in February.

Photo: Twitter/Federal Politie